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Lose Weight in San Diego With a Skinny Beach Weight Loss Program*

Losing weight is never easy. That is why Skinny Beach in San Diego offers a variety of weight loss plans and medical weight loss programs. We offer the Clean Start weight loss program, an international protocol that has been used by physicians for over 40 years, treating over 65,000 patients safely and effectively.*


Why Choose Skinny Beach in San Diego for Medical Weight Loss?

Skinny Beach differs itself from other weight loss clinics by our attention to detail and personal touch. There is very close physician supervision along with full support from our staff with frequent visits throughout the diet. Patients also receive multiple tools (instructional program guide, cookbook, food journal, etc.) to help them succeed in this program, and we incorporate the 6-week maintenance program designed to lock in your weight loss.*


Skinny Beach Has Some of the Best Weight Loss Experts in San Diego

Our staff is among the most knowledgeable and supportive in the industry, and our goal is always to assure your satisfaction from start to finish. Our Medical Director is Dr. Jennings Staley, a board-certified Internal Medicine physician and an expert on Metabolic Syndrome and the comorbidities that affect our obese population. Dr. Staley will co-manage your medical conditions with your primary physician while you are on the diet.


Am I Eligible for the Weight Loss Plan at Skinny Beach?

In order to determine eligibility for this program, we require certain blood tests to be done, and our medical practitioner will ask about your medical history, perform a physical and explain the program in detail during your 30-minute consultation. The diet program begins every Monday; labs are ordered, and patients are cleared for the diet by Friday late afternoon. LabCorp is on site to draw your blood as needed.


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Safety and lasting results are top priorities with our weight loss program!

Medical Weight Loss Questions


Who is a good candidate for Medical Weight Loss?

Patients who are overweight and who would like to lose fat in stubborn areas are good candidates. Before starting the program, our medical practitioner will conduct a physical and send you to our on-site lab for a few blood tests.* This program is not for women who are pregnant or nursing.

What exactly does this weight loss program consist of?

The Skinny Beach weight loss program is a 6 week long low calorie diet aimed at losing 35 pounds.  The diet can be repeated again in 4 weeks if more weight loss is needed.  The Skinny Beach diet uses hormone injections, phentermine, and calorie counting to accomplish the weight loss.  The program is guided by expert clinicians who meet with our patients weekly, review your food journal, perform weigh in, measurements, and vital signs each week and make adjustments as needed to get you to goal.  This is not a cheap program that hands you pills and a sheet of paper and says “good luck”-those do not work!  

How will this program help me lose weight?

This program has two main parts to it: medications and a low calorie diet. Skinny Beach will provide an instructional program guide, cookbook, food journal, etc. to ensure that you stay on track at home and keep you accountable.

Will I keep the weight off once I have completed the 6-week program?

Once you have completed the 6-week program, you’ll find that your appetite and eating behaviors will have changed.* Therefore, adopting a healthy lifestyle will not be difficult to do.* However, since you will no longer be receiving hormone injections, it is crucial that you continue to eat healthy, balanced meals in moderate portion sizes. You are essentially resetting your hypothalamus since you will no longer be receiving the hormones that helped stimulate it.

Will I need to exercise during the 6-week weight loss program?

No. Since you will be on a low calorie diet, it is not recommended that you engage in high intensity workouts. If you do wish to stay active, 30-minute walks are permitted.