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Skinny Beach Laser Tattoo Removal in San Diego

Skinny Beach offers an impressive line up of lasers to meet your needs.  With over 26 laser devices under one roof, there is ample technology available to get the job done better than any clinic in the U.S.  We use both the Quanta EVO Q Switched laser, as well as the Quanta Discovery Pico Plus picosecond laser.  Both were the first of their kind to arrive on U.S. soil and sent directly to Skinny Beach from Milan, Italy!  At this time the Discovery laser is only 1 of 4 such machines available in the U.S., and we have the only one in California.  Both lasers are capable of removing all tattoo ink colors in less time and with less risk of side effects such as scarring.* Discovery Pico Plus is three times as powerful as PicoSure and TWICE as powerful as Picoway. (See this supplement link or check specs on their websites for proof.)


Discovery Pico Plus is the Fastest Tattoo Removal Laser in the World

Discovery Pico Plus is the fastest tattoo removal laser in the world, and we are very fortunate to have this sophisticated machine in San Diego, CA. Our patients come from all over the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to undergo particularly complex tattoo removal such as traumatic, eyebrow, and lip liner. We remove all colors and shades of cosmetic ink! With over 26 lasers to choose from under one roof, there is simply no better place to trust your skin care than Skinny Beach.*


Skinny Beach Offers Safe Laser Tattoo Removal*

The utilization of a laser to perform tattoo removal is the practice of medicine, and the laws in California which set this precedent are intended to protect patients from unprofessional, pushy, sales-driven establishments that do not have an expert laser physician on site. We see burned and scarred patients from all around San Diego on a weekly basis who are victims of poor practices.* We are physician-owned and operated with 16 years’ experience. Come and meet our team today to see and appreciate the difference.


Get a Free Laser Tattoo Removal Consultation at Skinny Beach San Diego

Book your FREE consultation online and learn why our tattoo removal process is superior, both in terms of pricing and utilization of the latest advancements in laser technology.* Our unlimited sessions package is the most popular option, whereby you are afforded unlimited treatments until the tattoo is clinically removed, at 6-8 week intervals.  This eliminates the big “unknown”, which is “how many sessions will I need?”, a question that cannot be answered, and a process that will quickly get expensive if you pay per session and find your tattoo responding slowly, requiring more treatments than initially estimated.

See our before and after results at Skinny BeachSee our before and after results at Skinny Beach
Before & After: Arm Tattoo Removal after 10th session at Skinny Beach San Diego Before & After Arm tattoo removal Skinny Beach San Diego Before & After Arm tattoo removal Skinny Beach, San Diego


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What to Expect With Laser Tattoo Removal

At your first visit to Skinny Beach for tattoo removal, you will meet with a member of our medical staff who will evaluate your tattoo, review your options for removal, and discuss the laser treatment process.  At this time you will also be offered pricing options based on the size of your tattoo and whether you are wanting to fade the tattoo or undergo complete tattoo removal.


The Best Laser Tattoo Experts in California

Skinny Beach deploys the latest protocols in clinical laser science! We offer a rapid removal protocol, whereby you are treated at more frequent intervals to maximize your results, skin type permitting.* This is perfect for customers entering the military or with an important work requirement. Treatment letters will be provided for you to submit to your commanding officers or employers.


Some Highlights of Laser Tattoo Removal at Skinny Beach San Diego

  1. The average number of treatments needed to clear tattoos at Skinny Beach is 10. Nationwide, this is around 15 to 20.*
  2. Laser tattoo removal at Skinny Beach can be accelerated using a variety of methods compared to traditional protocols.
  3. For most patients, downtime is limited to minor crusting of the treatment area.* Some patients experience minor blistering of the treatment area following a laser session.* This is more likely to occur when larger amounts of laser energy are deployed at later sessions. This is minor and rarely leaves any permanent skin defect such as scarring or pigmentation changes.*
  4. Prescription-strength topical numbing cream is offered prior to your laser session for $35 and takes 1 hour to work effectively.* Injectable Lidocaine anesthesia may also be offered, if clinically indicated, for $45.  Additionally, oral sedatives and narcotic analgesics are offered on site, so long as you have a ride home.  With these anesthetic offerings, most patients find laser tattoo removal to be no more painful than getting a tattoo itself, and in some cases completely painless.

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The Tattoo Removal Procedure

Your Laser Tattoo Removal Experience

Tattoo Evaluation

Your tattoo will be evaluated according to the Kirby-Desai scale, which stands as the standard of care in assessing both the suitability of laser treatment on your skin type and estimating how many treatment sessions you will likely need to remove your tattoo completely.

Removal Pricing

You will be quoted a price at the time of your free consultation, both on a per session basis as well as a price to join our Tattoo Removal Club. The Tattoo Removal Club offers a better way to experience tattoo removal without paying per session or for expensive packages, and instead offers unlimited treatment sessions as clinically guided for a one-time flat fee.

Laser Treatment

Your laser tattoo removal sessions will be spaced every 8 weeks. On the day of your treatment, it is recommended that you eat before arrival and stay well-hydrated. Come at least 30 minutes early if you would like topical numbing cream applied prior to your treatment.

Custom Tailored Tattoo Removal

Most tattoo removal sessions take about 15 minutes total. The average number of treatments needed to remove a tattoo is 10, and these are done every 4-6 weeks.* The darker and more dense the ink is in your tattoo, the more sessions it will take and the longer the duration needed to completely remove the tattoo will be, so please be patient if you have a full blackout tattoo that is greater than 1cm x 1cm in any dimension. Patients are offered topical numbing cream for $35 per application, though most patients do not need it.* The laser will be operated by our physician or registered nurse. Photos will be taken and then emailed to you, so that you can track your progress.


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Laser Tattoo Removal Questions

If you don't find your tattoo removal question here, send us a message!


How many treatments are needed to remove my tattoo?

The average number of laser sessions for a standard removal protocol at Skinny Beach is 10.* Nationally, this is 15-20. If you are medically cleared as a candidate for an accelerated treatment protocol, you will have well under 10 treatments to clear your tattoo.* The length of time between treatments is usually 4-6 weeks, but varies per patient and skin response.*

What does it cost to have a tattoo removed completely?

The best option is our Tattoo Removal Club pricing, whereby you are quoted a price for unlimited tattoo removal sessions until the tattoo is clear or faded to your satisfaction.* The Skinny Beach medical staff will determine your treatment intervals, and the Medical Director reserves the right to clinically conclude your treatments once it has been determined that you have achieved a maximum potential outcome.

How painful is Tattoo Removal?tattoo-removal-ink-illustration

Pain thresholds vary widely among patients, and many patients report the laser experience to be about as painful as having the tattoo ink placed itself.* Skinny Beach uses a dermal cooler, quartz plate, lidocaine injections, relaxation techniques, and prescription-strength topical numbing to help offset any discomfort you may experience during your tattoo removal session.*

What is the likelihood of permanent side effects from tattoo removal?

We are very fortunate to have the latest innovations in laser technology available to our clients at Skinny Beach. These lasers and their protocols deployed by our medical staff render some of the safest treatments that have ever been made possible to date in laser tattoo removal.* Therefore, the risk of permanent side effects is minimal at Skinny Beach.*

Who does the Skinny Beach tattoo removal clinic serve?

Anyone in need of San Diego tattoo removal: from United States military and veterans to movie stars to ex-gang members, professional athletes to physically disabled. Sports coaches to cheerleaders. White collar to blue. Professors to students. International, domestic, and local clients looking for a specialist that provides QUALITY laser tattoo removal. Suitable patients who desire the best customized laser tattoo removal treatments we can provide.* Anyone who wants their tattoo removal process to be everything their tattoo experience was not, improving their self-esteem and confidence.* We are not for everyone. If you are willing to participate, you must follow after-care instructions, be motivated and have patience. We take your tattoo removal very seriously and it will take both of us working together to obtain the best result.*

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