Botox an Enlarged Jaw Muscle & Achieve a Slim, Feminine Facial Shape!*

Your Masseter Muscles Can Enlarge From Teeth Grinding & Exercising

Skinny Beach in San Diego Offers Masseter Jawline Injections

Take a quick look at your face shape. Does it appear too square? If so, you may be like many patients we see at Skinny Beach who grind their teeth at night, and/or work out regularly, causing them to develop enlarged masseter muscles on the sides of their jaw, giving them a more squared and masculine face shape. This can develop slowly over years in most patients, but is easily correctable with Botox Cosmetic!* Impressive results are seen in as little as 2 weeks!* A quick test at home to determine if you are a candidate for masseter reduction using Botox Cosmetic: place your fingers over the angle of your jawbone and bite down. If you can feel a bulging muscle at the angle of your jaw, this is potentially a hypertrophied masseter muscle and could be giving you a masculine look by squaring your face shape. The most attractive face shape in human beings is heart shaped, and at Skinny Beach we perform face assessments and make treatment recommendations to achieve the optimal heart shaped face possible for every patient, using both dermal fillers and Botox as needed.* One of the latest innovations in jawline slimming is masseter injections – and it is one of the best ways to slim down your jawline and leave it looking more feminine.*


Reduce Masculine Hypertrophic Masseter Muscles with Botox Cosmetic*

The truth is, there are many people with hypertrophic masseter muscles. These are muscles that are part of normal anatomy but are more naturally pronounced in biological males and can be enlarged in biological females by excessive teeth grinding, working out, etc. What is known as the ‘big and fat square jawline’ is a problem that can often be solved with the use of masseter injections.*


What are Masseter Muscles Injections for a More Feminine Jawline?

Masseter injections are an “off-label” application of Botox that, if done properly, can smooth the masseter muscle found in the jawline.* Particularly popular for transgendered individuals and ladies who work out frequently, this correction is done in a delicate and distinct way. In most patients, this slims down the jawline and creates a more traditionally feminine shape of the face.*


How Do Masseter Injections at Skinny Beach Work?

Masseter injections work wonders because they relax and slenderize the masseter muscle, making it more adaptive to the facial structure.* Botox is injected into the masseters on each side of the face and spread out at multiple points with most patients experiencing total jawline reduction.*


New Jawline Slimming Method Using Botox Cosmetic

Masseter injections are easily one of the most popular methods of jawline slimming. The use of muscle relaxant injections not only reduces the masseter muscle – it also relaxes the lines of facial expression and facial wrinkles.*


The bottom line is that masseter reduction, or jawline slimming, is a treatment that relaxes the muscles instead of paralyzing them – resulting in a smaller appearance of the masseters and eventual atrophy or shrinking over time for most patients.* That is why this method is known as one of the best among those who desire total face transformation and the dramatic reduction of a masculine jaw to a more ovaline face.*


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Do you crave a more relaxed and feminine jawline? At Skinny Beach, we use the latest technologies, including needleless injections applied by Allergan Pharmaceutical-trained and certified technicians and tailored to your facial lines. We always strive to give you the results you desire.  It’s our goal to make you look and feel more fabulous every time you visit! Skinny Beach in San Diego are experts when it comes to Masseter Injections, with the experience and training needed to give you a superior aesthetic consultation regarding face types and innovative suggestions to keep you looking your best. If you are ready to unlock a new, more beautiful you, contact Skinny Beach today.*


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Botox To Enlarged Masseter (Jaw Muscle) – Before and After*

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Masseter Injections Frequently Asked Questions


What are masseter injections?

Masseter injections are simply Botox units that are injected into the masseter (chewing muscle). This procedure delivers facial contouring results by narrowing the lower part of the face for a more feminine look.*


How will Botox reduce the size of my jaw?

Botox injections will be applied to both sides of the face. This will cause the masseter muscle to weaken, which will lead to reduction in size.*


Who is a good candidate for this procedure?

Anyone who experiences chronic teeth grinding, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), or would simply like a more reduced jawline is a good candidate for this procedure. An initial consultation with a Skinny Beach specialist will help determine if this procedure is right for you.


When will I see notable results?

Unlike traditional Botox treatments, results will be seen approximately a week after receiving treatment and will last 4-6 months for most patients.*


How will masseter injections affect chewing?

Shortly after the procedure, the patient may experience trouble chewing due to weakening of the jaw. However, this side effect will not last long and normal chewing function will return.*


What is the recovery time for this procedure?

This procedure is highly effective and requires little to no downtime.* The application period should take no longer than 10 minutes.