Eyebrow Tattoo Removal in San Diego

We Specialize in this Unique Treatment

We get it. Your eyebrow tattoos seemed like a good idea at the time you got them. But today they no longer work with your style or preferences. Or, perhaps you’re unhappy with the results of newly tattooed eyebrows, and you want to reverse the botched job stat. At Skinny Beach, we offer safe, effective eyebrow tattoo removal to erase uneven or exaggerated brows and restore a more natural look.*


Benefits of Laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Earlier methods of eyebrow tattoo removal involved dermabrasion, salabrasion, surgery, and C02 lasers. These procedures are extremely invasive and don’t produce the high-quality results the Quanta Discovery Pico Plus can achieve.* In particular, patients can enjoy the following benefits of laser eyebrow tattoo removal at Skinny Beach:*


  • Minimal discomfort.* Skinny Beach uses several anesthetic techniques to make your laser treatment as comfortable as possible.  The average pain score is 3-4 out of 10 in severity for our eyebrow removal treatments WITHOUT any anesthetic at all.*  That number drops to nearly 0 when anesthetic cream or injections are applied.*
  • Minimal risk of scarring.* Our laser is designed to leave healthy skin cells untouched, as opposed to a removal method like dermabrasion that involves wearing away several layers of skin with crystals.* For this reason, any scarring risk with laser tattoo removal is minimized dramatically at Skinny Beach.*
  • Effective fading and removal.* We have the only Quanta Discovery Pico Plus laser in California. It’s the fastest tattoo removal laser in the world, offering a quick and effective alternative to traditional protocols.*
  • Minimal recovery time.* One of the biggest benefits of laser eyebrow tattoo removal is the limited downtime for most patients.* You should only experience a small amount of redness and crusting at the treatment site.* These usually subside within 1 to 3 days.*
  • Safe and non-invasive.* Lasers are one of the safest methods for removing unwanted eyebrow tattoos.* Unlike surgical procedures, there’s minimal risk for infection, and side effects are very mild.* 


Are You a Candidate for Eyebrow Tattoo Removal?

Just about anyone with uneven or exaggerated eyebrow tattoos can have them removed for a more natural look.* However, there are some factors that make some patients exceptionally good candidates. Because laser tattoo removal relies on your immune system to absorb and dispose of broken-down ink particles, patients who are in good health will have the best results.*


The age of your eyebrow tattoos can have an impact on your results, too. The older the tattoos, the easier they are to remove.* For those with new eyebrow tattoos, it’s best to wait 8 to 12 weeks before undergoing laser removal. The ink needs time to settle in the dermis so the color of the ink can show through.


Southern California’s Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Experts

At Skinny Beach, we’re proud to offer the most advanced technology in laser tattoo removal in San Diego. Our proprietary techniques allow most patients to heal in a matter of hours, as opposed to the 4 to 6 weeks required by other laser removal clinics.*


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Eyebrow Tattoo Removal: Before and After*

Before and After Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Before and After Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Before and After Eyebrow Tattoo Removal


The Procedure

Your Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Experience

Tattoo Evaluation

Unlike traditional tattoos, eyebrow tattoos use semi-permanent ink that is designed to fade over time. However, the tattoo removal process is nearly identical for both types. At your free consultation, we’ll evaluate your eyebrow tattoos and test the type of ink that was used in order to estimate how many sessions you’ll need to remove them. We’ll also brief you on the eyebrow tattoo removal procedure and answer your questions about how it works.

Laser Treatment

We use the powerful Quanta Discovery Pico Plus laser to safely and effectively remove unwanted eyebrow tattoos for our clients.* This laser is the most advanced of its kind, and its been developed to produce incredibly effective results without causing scars or pigmentation issues.*

Real Results*

The Quanta Discovery Pico Plus works by penetrating pigmented skin with intense light, which shatters the ink particles.* Your body absorbs the pigment from your eyebrow tattoos over time, causing them to fade from view.* If you’re particularly sensitive to pain, we offer injectable lidocaine or topical numbing cream to decrease any discomfort caused by the laser pulses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are eyebrow tattoos removed?

Eyebrow tattoos are removed just like regular tattoos, with only some exceptions, through utilizing Q-switched and Picosecond laser technologies to shatter the cosmetic ink into microscopic particles which are then carried away by the immune system. Some eyebrow tattoos contain higher amounts of metal oxides to give them brilliance and reflect light, and for this reason many tattoo removal clinics are unable to fully remove your eyebrow ink.* Skinny Beach has a full complement of all the laser types needed to successfully remove eyebrow tattoos of all colors – gradually over time.*


Is this process painful?

Clients rate this process a 3 or 4 out of 10 when NO anesthetic is administered.* The rating drops to 0 when anesthetic creams or Lidocaine injections are used.* How long is recovery time? It usually takes 1-3 days for redness and crusting to subside.*


Are some tattoos easier to remove than others?

Yes. Older tattoos are much easier to remove.* All-black also comes out faster than red shades, peach, flesh tones, or browns. If the tattoos are newer, we advise patients to wait 8-12 weeks before undergoing laser removal.