AccuVein Vein Visualization in San Diego | Skinny Beach

Botox® and dermal fillers have the magic ability to reverse the signs of aging and instantly refresh your face for a beautiful, youthful look.* But what’s not attractive are the bruises these treatments can leave behind. Even at Skinny Beach, where our experienced injectors perform thousands of Botox® treatments every month, the inability to detect veins beneath the skin makes it difficult to avoid nipping a blood vessel. That is, until now. With AccuVein, we can see your veins in real time, helping us determine precise injection sites to minimize discomfort and bruising.*


What is AccuVein Vein Visualization?

AccuVein is a small handheld device that gives our injectors, in a sense, “x-ray vision” to see the veins in your face. A laser is scanned over the treatment area without touching the skin, illuminating both large veins and smaller, hidden blood vessels. By avoiding your veins with each injection, we’re able to speed up the healing process and minimize downtime caused by excessive bruising.*


How does AccuVein Vein Visualization work?

AccuVein is a non-contact vein illumination solution, meaning it never touches your skin. Rather, it uses two lasers to reveal the unique map of your veins. The first laser uses invisible infrared light, which is absorbed by the hemoglobin in your blood.* The second laser is red, and it’s used to project your vein pattern.* When the AccuVein device is scanned over your skin, the veins beneath look noticeably different than the surrounding tissue, making it easy for us to avoid them. By using AccuVein during your Botox® or dermal filler treatment, we’re able to provide you with fantastic results and minimal downtime. *

Frequently Asked Questions


Will using AccuVein affect my treatment?

Absolutely not! We’re still able to inject Botox® or dermal fillers exactly where you’d like to reverse the signs of aging.* AccuVein simply helps us avoid nipping a blood vessel, which speeds up your recovery and minimizes downtime.*

Does AccuVein work on dark skin tones?

AccuVein works on all skin tones.* In fact, given that it’s difficult to see veins on darker skin with the naked eye, the device is more helpful in mapping veins in these patients.*

Is AccuVein safe?

Definitely. AccuVein was designed with patient safety in mind. The device carefully monitors the intensity of the laser output, and if any issues arise, the lasers immediately shut off.* Eye protection is recommended on an individual basis.

Do tattoos interfere with AccuVein?

The pigment in tattoos may block the infrared light from penetrating the skin and revealing your veins.* If you have facial tattoos, including eyebrow tattoos, and are undergoing tattoo removal, you will need to wait until the tattoos are completely faded before undergoing Botox® or dermal filler treatments with AccuVein.*